Best android Watch for Men & Women?

Dm100 smartwatch vs. Dm101 smartwatch

Welcome to the modern world where there’s no need to carry a $700 to $1500 smartphone everywhere. These new android watches for men and women, the dm100 smartwatch and dm101 smartwatch are affordable and allows you to do everything you would normally do on your smartphone.

DM100 Smartwatch

  • Design and Display

DM100 Smartwatch  is one of the top android watches for men and women with a widescreen display for 2021. The wearable is rectangular in shape and size, like a tiny smartphone. The body of the wearable is made of zinc alloy, with a PC rear cover. It sports two tactile buttons on the side as well as a 5 MP front-facing camera. The smartwatch is essentially a tiny smartphone worn around your wrist. A sporty, durable silicon strap with a stainless-steel buckle completes the look. The smartwatch includes a 2.86”-inch IPS LCD color display and an overall body design. It has a broad, sharp, clear, and bright screen. The wearable sports a 640 x 480-pixel resolution and a full-touch screen. The overall body is IP67 waterproof, splash-proof, rain-proof, and dust-proof.

  • Hardware

It consists of the MTK6739 Quadcore processor with 32 GB of storage space and 3 GB of RAM to power the DM100 smartwatch, which runs on Android. With its 4G LTE connectivity, the smartwatch can make and receive calls and messages on its own. With its compatibility for nano-SIM cards, you may receive calls and notifications directly on your smartwatch, eliminating the need for your phone.

The smartwatch’s battery is a 2880 mAh lithium polymer battery with at least several days of battery life.

  • Features

The smartwatch boasts a range of functions, including a large display screen and SIM capabilities. It has its own calls and messages. You can store music and play it straight on the device’s high-definition built-in speaker with 32 GB of storage capacity. You can download popular apps from Google Play and Google Assistant, Google Pay, and other services.

Other gadget features include a sound recorder, calendar, sports monitoring, camera capture, and more.

DM101 Smartwatch

  • Design and Display

The DM101 wristwatch is an updated version of the best Android standalone smartwatch, DM100. The DM101 smartwatch is significantly smaller in size. Nonetheless, it has a metal body that is lighter and has a slimmer profile. The DM101 smartwatch is outfitted with a sporty silicone band and a stainless-steel buckle.

  • Hardware

The MT6739 processor powers the DM101 smartwatch. It is both speedy and energy efficient. With 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage capacity, the DM101 becomes significantly speedier. The smartwatch supports Bluetooth 4.0, WIFI, and 4G LTE via its nano-SIM slot when it comes to connectivity. It also has an integrated GPS for activity tracking. The DM101 contains a 2080mAh battery that provides at least seven days of standby time.

  • Features

The smartwatch has two cameras: an 8-megapixel front-facing camera and a 2-megapixel side-facing camera. With its built-in camera, you can take photos and record videos. Face unlocking is supported by the smartwatch’s front camera, making your smartwatch safe and secure. Basketball, ping-pong, badminton, outdoor run, outdoor stroll, riding bike, indoor run, football, and rope skipping are all available on the smartwatch. You can download and enjoy a wide range of Google apps. You may download a range of popular apps using its Android operating system. With its nano SIM support, you may make and receive calls and messages independently. Calls can be initiated, dialed, and messages sent right from your smartwatch.


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